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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Photo Kit and Photography Resources

I take pictures frequently. Sometimes its a planned trip to a scenic spot, sometimes its ad-hoc when I see something inspiring on the road! I don't want to miss a photo opportunity at any cost and hence I always carry either my digital camera or my mobile phone at all times..

My Photography kit consists of a Canon powershot digital camera, my Iphone, 4 rechargeable batteries/charger and a couple of Photography books

I use a Canon Powershot A630 digital camera. I've been using this digital camera for more than 9 months now and I love it. All the photos on this blog have been captured on my powershot digital camera. I've tried on a lot of Point and shoot cameras(Nikon, Exilim etc..) but in my humble opinion, nothing comes close to the powershot in terms of features(the rotating display, manual mode, auto, video clarity, audio clarity etc) given its price..

My Iphone Camera helps me take pictures whenever I'm not carrying my digital camera around.When I'm walking to college campus and I see something interesting, I just take out my Iphone and shoot! The Iphone camera has a moderate resolution of around 1 Megapixels, but the display is so good that you can know how good your photo is immediately! Compared to other mobile phones, the IPhone a class apart in terms of clarity of photos. Now that the 3G version is going to be available at $199, its a steal!

As an amateur photographer, I think its imperative to carry one set of rechargeable batteries(my camera needs 4) and a charger on any trip longer than 1 day! Its also doesn't hurt to carry a set of non-rechargeable batteries - you never know when your batteries are going to run out of charge.

Though you don't need to read a book to use a point and shoot camera like canon, knowing your fundamentals is good for two reasons. One, if your on a journey to become a better photographer(I sure am), there is no better way than learning from books written by experts. Two, if you want to take advantage of the various features in your camera(specifically controlling the manual mode) and knowing the fundamentals definitely helps me to decide how to take a picture! I use Understanding Digital Exposure by Bryan Peterson. Its very easy to read and has lots of pictures to illustrate the concepts involved.

Thats about it! Pretty easy to start taking pictures right?

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Filarial said...

I had a colleugue of mine drag me outdoors and give me a photography lesson recently .. he even brought an awesome camera for me to use..:D and gave me a lot of pointers ... nicely done btw!