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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Magic of Picasa - The Photo Tray

Its obvious that you can select folders in Picasa and upload them to your web-album. The really cool thing is that you can upload Selected Photos from Multiple Folders!

Imagine that you have two folders with pictures from your trip to Peru - ones which you took and another from your friend's digicam. You want to select pictures from both these folders. Now how do you select pictures from multiple folders? Enter - Picasa's Photo Tray!

All you need to do is, select one or more photos from a particular folder on the GUI, and click 'hold'. Voila, it appears on your photo tray and it has a small circle with a green dot to indicate that it is being held in your tray. Now, you can navigate to another folder on the GUI and again select your favorite photos and click hold. Repeat the process until you have all the photos you need in the tray.

And how do you clear pictures that you selected by accident? Just click/select the unnecessary photos inside the tray and press 'Clear'. This removes the photo from your selected list in the tray. Isn't it wonderful? You can also clear the entire list of photos in your tray and start over. Don't worry - picasa makes sure that you don't accidentally clear your entire tray by popping up a warning message before doing it!

Once you are ready to upload - just click the 'web-albums' button and all the photos in the tray will be uploaded. The photo tray can also be used to select photos that you want to upload to your blog. All you need to do is select the photos and click 'blog-this' button on your picasa GUI.

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